Telangana science workshop2 dec 2015-16

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  1. Science Second 5 days workshop agenda Dec 26-30th 2015 Click here
  2. [ Science topics allocation to Districts]
  3. Fill feedback form click here
  4. Science 5 Days District agenda Click here

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  1. Screencast Recording
  2. Combining Video, audio, images and Video editing
  3. Audio editing
  4. Phet Simulations
  5. Gmail email Filtering
  6. Kwordquiz Handout
  7. Creating Gmail id and sending emails
  8. Adding_email_id_to_googlegroups
  9. Uploading on Picasa
  10. Frequently Asked Questions about Ubuntu and other applications

District workshop preparation

Following are required to be in place for effective district training of teachers

  1. 5 MRPs per subject per district. Additional MRPs can be identified from the teachers being trained, to expand the MRP pool
  2. ICT Lab
    1. Identify suitable BEd., DEd, Engineering college labs or set-up Lab in DIET, with 30 computers, which can be purchased or sourced from other institutions
    2. UBUNTU (Kalpavriksha) installation on all computers
    3. Internet connectivity (minimum 8 MBPS)
    4. One teacher per computer in training. Do not have 2 or more teachers per computer
    5. Encourage teachers to bring their personal laptops
  3. Resource handout for each teacher
  4. Ubuntu DVD (Kalpavriksha) for each teacher may be needed to be given, so that they can install on their personal / home computers also
  5. Digital Resource folder created in the digital content workshops to be made available to all teachers and enriched in the district workshops
  6. District group should take help of State Resource Group as required

District workshop implementation

In each workshop, the MRPs will have to do following:

  1. enter the batch information for each district training - for example, see this google form here
  2. cover the district 5 day agenda for training, as per the context and prior teacher knowledge
  3. Within the group, allocate roles for covering the agenda and additional items
  4. add teachers to the virtual community (STF google group) - How to add teacher to google group as follows:
  5. prepare and share in the email forum, workshop reports and photos
  6. prepare and share Kalpavriksha (custom Ubuntu) DVD copies for the teachers - creating copies
  7. conduct video conference with SRG and with other districts - video conference with gtalk
  8. tech support including for installation in district labs and teacher laptops - #Frequently Asked Questions about Ubuntu and other applications
  9. collect participant feedback (google form) on last day

District Resource Group (DRG)

Each district will have a DRG for the subjects being covered in the program. The MRPs trained from the district could be members of the DRG. Each DRG should have one of the teachers as the facilitator of DRG

At Workshop