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About TOER

Objectives of the programme

  1. Technology integration in teaching learning
  2. Contextual resources that will support a teacher community
  3. Leveraging technology to build communities of learners
  4. Technology integrated TPD
  5. Technology integration in teaching learning for constructive possibilities and possibilities of inclusion
  6. Teachers become critical users of technology

Overview of the programme


Maths-Science TOER Workshop

Maths-Science Workshop-I, March 3-7, 2015


  1. See Sheet '1st Workshop' for Agenda of workshop

Participant profile

  1. Please fill participant information form
  2. Participant Information

Use of computers and internet

Useofcomputers.png Internet.png

Own ICT device

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Use in teaching learning



  1. Circulars on adopting Public (Free and Open Source) Software
  2. Handouts for sessions
    1. Internet – a new method of learning
    2. Note_on_Internet_access
    3. Ubuntu
    4. Using a text editor
    5. Learning Mind mapping
    6. How to use Freemind
    7. How to access the internet
    8. Learning basics of spreadsheets for maintaining digital registers
    9. Learning Geogebra
    10. Social Science Useful websites
    11. Science Useful websites
    12. Mathematics Useful websites
    13. Simple GIMP tutorial
    14. Background on Internet and Wiki
    15. How to create a Personal Digital Library
    16. Brief History of ICTs and How have digital ICTs impacted society
    17. Telugu typing - itrans method in Ibus Ubuntu
    18. GIMP Manual
    19. Open shot video editing manual
    20. Record my desktop
    21. LibreOffice_Calc_basics

See us at the workshop

Participant Photos - Workshop photos

List of resource topics

Maths and science topics selected

Maths-Science Workshop-II, March 16-20, 2015


  1. Agenda of Workshop 2. See '2nd Workshop' sheet.

Maths-Science Workshop-III, 7-11, 2015


  1. Agenda of Workshop 3. See '3rd Workshop' sheet.

Way Forward

  1. Participant feedback
  2. Participant responsibilities - Individual and team

Workshop Daywise reports

Way Forward

  1. Participant feedback
  2. Participant responsibilities - Individual and team

Mathematics resources

  1. Class 6-8 Mathematics resources

Science resources

  1. Class 6-8 Science resources

Telugu language

Learn Telugu

Animation TOER Workshop for Maths and Science

Click here to see "Animation TOER Workshop for Maths and Science details"

Social Science TOER Workshop

CLick here to see the Social Science Workshop Details

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ubuntu Installation

Video on Kalpavriksha installation produced by Balaji Sir, UPS Kondapur

Teachers with their own laptop

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