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ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ನೋಡಿ

Useful Indian Websites

  1. Haryana OER
  2. Centre for Environment Education
  3. National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning – Science, Engineering, & Technology

Useful science apps

  1. Tamilnadu app on 4D 10th and 12th
  2. Science apps

Useful Websites

  1. Physics Classroom
  2. NSTA
  3. Biology teaching resources
  4. Royal Society of Chemistry
  5. National Science Digital Library
  6. American Museum of Natural History
  7. Season Watch Citizen Science
  8. KQED’s Quest – Explore science, nature, and environment stories from Northern California and beyond
  9. Freelance Teacher – Videos on physics, chemistry, math, & biology
  10. Science Magazine Podcasts
  11. FHSST – Free high school science texts in physical sciences & math
  12. cK-12 Flexbooks
  13. Scirus – Scientific research tool on the web
  14. Cite Seer X – Access scientific and scholarly knowledge
  15. getCited – Academic database, directory, & discussion forum getCited – Academic database, directory, & discussion forum
  16. Science resource center
  17. Human Anatomy System
  18. Chemistry lab Experiments video
  19. PhET Simulation for Physics
  20. Science videos
  21. Chemistry Lab equipment Quiz
  22. Lab equipment Names Pictures
  23. Coordinated science lab
  24. Mars NASA

Books and Articles

  1. Vigyan Parisar digital library
  2. Conceptual Physics by Paul G Hewitt
  3. University Physics by Sears and Zamensky
  4. The Lives of a Cell - Notes of a Biology Watcher by Walter Lewis
  5. E=m by David Bodanis
  6. Quantum by Manjit Kumar
  7. Horrible Science Series. Click here for details.
  8. New Scientist Series Click here for details.
  9. technology for middle school science teaching

TESS India Learning Materials

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Secondary Science
Video resources
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