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Useful Websites

Physical Science

Website domain link Content
Physics classroom -lessons and resources on various physics topics
Physics classroom -lesson plans, videos, classroom activities for teachers
nsta(National Science Teacher Association) -contains lessons plans, science blogs, journals, books.
Royal Society of Chemistry -contains lessons plans, science blogs, journals, books for topics in chemistry.
Phet -contains science simulations, teaching resources and activities
Pratham Open School -contains stories, video resources, science activities and demonstrations


Website Domain link Content
Biology resources -contains teaching-learning resources for both teachers and students on various topics in biology
ibiology -contains videos on cell biology (basic and advanced levels)

Books and Articles

  1. Conceptual Physics by Paul G Hewitt
  2. University Physics by Sears and Zamensky
  3. The Lives of a Cell - Notes of a Biology Watcher by Walter Lewis
  4. E=m by David Bodanis
  5. Quantum by Manjit Kumar
  6. Science journals
  7. Horrible Science Series. Click here for details.
  8. New Scientist Series Click here for details.
  9. technology for middle school science teaching
  10. Azim premji foundation-publications
  11. Wikipedia articles on Science
  12. Arvind Gupta - Toys for Science and Math Education

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