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Notes for teachers (optional)

In this chapter you would be reading about a region which is entirely different from any place we have so far seen in VI and VII classes. This region has continuous nights and continuous days for many months. There is no daily sunrise and sunset like we have in our country. Can you imagine such a place? This region is very cold why? So cold that only ice and snow can be seen - ice on land, ice on the streams, ice on the rivers and even the whole sea is frozen.

Where is the Polar Region? You have seen the north pole and south pole on the globe.The region which lies near the poles is called the “polar region”.near the poles is called the “polar region”.You will be reading about the northern polar region in this chapter. Look at Map 1. It shows the north pole and its surrounding regions. The entire polar region has been shaded lightly. Notice the boundary of this region. This is known as the ‘Arctic Circle’. We can use the Marble Tools

Tundra The polar region is known as the Tundra. Tundra means very cold. Since the Tundra region gets very little sunlight, it has a unique type of vegetation known as the ‘Tundra Vegetation’. More Information to visit this you tube link

Teaching Outlines

Concept 1 the Polar Region

Learning Objectives

  1. The Pol er is very cold and Ice.
  2. We have see the north pole and south pole
  3. We understanding the polar Region


Learning Objectives


Activity 1:We can use the Marble Tools

Activity 2:Serch the google maps

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