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STF-KOER workshops

  1. STF-KOER workshops for 2015-16, 2014-15 and 2013-14
  2. List of all MRP teachers 2011-16 for all subjects. DIETs can refer to this sheet for getting STF MRP names for all subjects. You can download the google doc and filter on district and subject
  3. List of all teachers trained under STF during 2012-13 for all subjects. DIETs can refer to this sheet for getting possible STF teachers names for all subjects.

Workshop for CTE and DIET faculty - Bengaluru and Mysuru divisions from June 3-7 at Bengaluru Urban DIET

The workshop was inaugurated by Shri H. S. Ramarao, the Director of DSERT. He spoke about how the new curricula demanded accessing more and newer resources as well as creating resources and the use and relevance of Open Educational Resources. CEMCA Director, Dr. Sanjaya Mishra, also addressed the workshop participants and spoke about the Community of Learning as an important medium for connecting teachers to each other as well as resources from other parts of the country. Read more

Belgaum division workshop from June 11-15

APU and KFI Workshop on 27.6.2013 for Mathematics Teachers of Standards 9 to 12

In order to share the vision of mathematics as a subject to be explored and to be enjoyed, we offer a one day workshop for groups of high school mathematics teachers. The workshop will consist of: 1. Discussing articles involving some of the following aspects of mathematics: a new look at some topic; an interesting problem; a connection between topics or across subjects; a historical perspective, an interesting classroom experience; a discussion on why students find certain topics difficult.. 2. A writing session: We would like the magazine to offer a space for writing about aspects of mathematics which may not find a place in regular classroom teaching and syllabus coverage, yet which are accessible to students. Read more