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Stories as Resources

  1. Discussion and presentation slides
  2. NCF Position Papers on Teaching of English and Teaching of Indian Languages
  3. Handout - Storytelling as a pedagogical tool
  4. Storyweaver Website


  1. What have been your challenges with respect to Continuous Professional Development (CPD)?
  2. How in your view can CPD be implemented?

NCERT ICT Curriculum 2013 - two themes for TPD/CPD

Connecting and Learning

Forming Professional Learning Networks / Professional Learning Communities / Communities of Practice

  1. Sharing resources, experiences, ideas, insights, challenges, problems
  2. Seeking support, ideas, feedback
  3. Discussing issues, materials, practices
  4. Learning together

Virtual forums (digital networks) can support above processes

  1. Connecting across geography
  2. Connecting across levels/functions
  3. Connecting and learning through MOOCs/ courses
Karnataka experience

Subject Teacher Forum - connecting and learning

  • State level subject wise google-groups - Maths, English
  • District level subject wise google-groups


  1. Threaded discussions on issues
  2. Sharing of materials by teachers

TOOLKIT - Professional Learning Communities, a model for TPD

Paper - Professional Learning Communities, an ICT integrated model of in-service teacher education

Creating and Learning

Material making key component of CPD

Digital allows multiple ways to create, revise, translate content

  1. Access and learn
  2. Adapt and learn
  3. Create and learn
  4. Revise and learn
  5. Share and learn
  6. Publish and learn
Digital material making

Digital allows multiple formats - text, audio, video, animation

Digital allows easy publishing of content for wider sharing.

  1. Audio/video useful for LS
  2. Text/video useful for RW
  3. Text - audio and audio - text  conversion useful in language learning

Digital use allows multilingual approaches (translation tools)

Multiple FOSS tools are available for creating resources for teaching English

TOOLKIT - Using FOSS for creating OER

Karnataka experience

Karnataka Open Educational Resources - creating and learning

Teachers created, shared and published content for different subjects and grades

English teaching resources

Connecting and creating part of a virtuous cycle of CPD


Teachers on learning trajectory v/s relatively stagnant teachers - how can we distinguish their characteristics?

What will help to encourage a teacher to begin self directed movement for CPD?