Introduction to history

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Concept Map


Additional Resources


  • Syllabus documents


  • Web resources:
    • Historical Thinking : This websites helps in understanding why we should study history and the challenges faced by students and teachers.
    • World History : This video series is taught by John Green using animations

  • Books and journals
  • Textbooks
  • Syllabus documents (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE etc)

Learning Objectives

  • To understand why we should History?
  • Recognize the importance of studying History.
  • Understanding history as interdisciplinary subject connecting across sociology, political science, economics etc.

Teaching Outlines

  1. Students can learn about the history from their grand parents or elders in their families. They can make a chart of the events based on their learning.
  2. Students can make family tree taking help from their parents.
  3. Students can learn how different professions have evolved over time from the elders in family or from their teachers.