Integrating ICT in my school

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Head Teachers and teachers can integrate ICTs in their schools through any of following ways

Making the ICT@Schools lab active

Where possible to repair the thin clients and get the electricity and Internet operational, this is one option. DSERT is taking steps towards making the labs active

Purchasing one laptop and projector from RMSA school grant

  1. RMSA has issued a Circular - RMSA Grant for purchasing Laptop and Projector to all schools, that the school can, following due processes, use the RMSA school grant towards purchasing one laptop and projector. The circular also allows schools to use other existing funds with the school to supplement the RMSA school grant, if needed, to purchase the laptop or projector.
  2. Teacher can use the laptop and projector to project lessons, videos, animations, web sites for students in the classroom or any place with access to electricity.
  3. RMSA circular on school grant allows schools to use grant funds for expenses towards data card, pen drive, repairs and consumables (paper, ink) etc.

Getting computers from CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives

Many companies (including IT companies with base in different parts of Karnataka) donate their (used) computers as well as new computers. Infosys has a simple computer donation programme. HM needs to fill the application forms, provide school seal on all pages, except first one, which needs BEO signature/seal. Based on student strength, Infosys will provide computers. See list of schools which have got computers from Infosys. This is an initial list and schools/institutions can add information here about donations received/given.

  • Steps for Infosys computer donations
  1. Fill the forms and HM should sign/affix seal
  2. BEO should fill and sign/affix seal on first page
  3. Courier the forms to Infoys - address Ms. Rekha Kamath, 2nd Floor, Building 1, Infosys Limited, Electronics City, Hosur Road, Bangalore – 560 100
  4. It will be easier for Infosys if few schools in one cluster can request in one lot, so that they can transport a truck load at a time.

Purchasing personal laptop

Teachers can also purchase their own laptop, this will be extremely useful for their own learning, accessing resources on KOER as well as from hundreds of other websites. Department has a scheme to provide interest free loan for teachers, this is being further improved.