Area of a square

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Calculating area of a square

Estimated Time

20 minutes.

Prerequisites/Instructions, prior preparations, if any

Materials/ Resources needed

Digital: Laptop, geogebra file, projector and a pointer.

Geogebra Applets : This geogebra file was created by ITfC-Edu-Team

Process (How to do the activity)

  • Process:
  1. The teacher can project the geogebra file and explain about the formula for area and perimeter of a square.
  • Developmental Questions:
  1. Identify the shape ?
  2. What is the measure of each small square ?
  3. What is the area of each small square ?
  4. What is the area of the bigger square ?
  5. What is the perimeter of the small square ? and larger square ?
  • Evaluation:
  1. What do you understand by the terms area and perimeter ?
  • Question Corner:
  1. How do you find the area and perimeter of an irregular shape ?
  2. Explain the association of the term 'square' in the unit square cm.