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National Repository of Open Educational Resources - Geogebra Applets

1 Using this applet, you can find coordinates of different points lying in different quadrants Catesian System
2 This applet can be used to find distance between two points. Distance between two points
3 Using this applet, you can find the coordinates of a point lying between two points. You can also find midpoint of a line segment using this applet Section Formula
4 Using this simulation, one can explore the world of lines. Investigate the relationships between linear equations, slope and graphs of lines. Graphing Lines
5 Using this applet, one can understand angle sum property of a quadrilateral along with testing the same for different types of quadrilaterals. Angle Sum property of a Quadrilateral
6 This applet can be used to find area of a rectangle by counting number of squares inside it. One can also observe how multiplication of two numbers can be used in finding area of a rectangle or square Area of a Rectangle
7 Using this applet, a person can generalize properties of a square. Area of a Square