APSWRIES -TSWREIS Programme September 2015

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APSWREIS September, 2015

Andhra Pradesh state government started the Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (APSWREIS) in 1984 to provide quality education to poor SC, ST, and OBC students by establishing 177 residential schools for students of Class V to Class XII with 86,880 students. There are about 4,000 teachers in the society making teacher-student ratio to 1:32. Students have been admitted to the institutions through a lottery method since 2008 (after RTE Act) in the fifth class and being the medium of instruction is English. APSWREIS has been the pioneer in leveraging technology both, in administration and education and made rapid strides in achieving efficiency through technology. Today all 177 institutions are a part of an intranet with assured connectivity, own an e-mail service and a website. The academic progress of the students and teachers is monitored online through Student Academic Monitoring System (SAMS). Today APSWREIS is reaching out to almost 200 of its institutions through state run SAPNET, ‘MANA TV’ to arrange lectures for EAMCET, LAWCET, I-CET by the experts.

The workshop aims at training around 45 teachers in integrating ICTs in education, by collaboratively constructing digital Open educational resources and by sharing resources, experiences and ideas in a professional learning community


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Participant profile

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  2. See summary of participant information

Resources in English

  1. Complete handout in PDF and ODT formats for download
  2. Circulars on adopting Public (Free and Open Source) Software
  3. Handouts for sessions
    1. Internet – a new method of learning
    2. Note_on_Internet_access
    3. Ubuntu
    4. Using a text editor
    5. Telugu typing - itrans method in Ibus Ubuntu
    6. Learning Mind mapping
    7. How to use Freemind
    8. How to access the internet
    9. Learning basics of spreadsheets for maintaining digital registers
    10. Learning Geogebra
    11. Social Science Useful websites
    12. Science Useful websites
    13. Mathematics Useful websites
    14. Simple GIMP tutorial
    15. Background on Internet and Wiki
    16. How to create a Personal Digital Library
    17. Brief History of ICTs and How have digital ICTs impacted society
    18. Telugu typing - itrans method in Ibus Ubuntu
    19. GIMP Manual
    20. Open shot video editing manual
    21. Record my desktop
    22. LibreOffice_Calc_basics

Resources in Telugu

Ubuntu Installation

Video on Kalpavriksha installation produced by Balaji Sir, UPS Kondapur, Telangana

  1. See Mathematics resources prepared by Telangana Teachers here
  2. See Science resources prepared by Telangana Teachers here
  3. See Social Science resources prepared by Telangana Teachers here

See us at the workshop


Workshop Daywise reports


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Way forward