DIET Uttara Kannada - Hardware Training workshop

Hardware Training Workshop

29-30 July 2011
Participants – DIET faculty and BRC faculty from four BRCs part of the Samartha programme (Ankola, Kumta, Honnavar and Sirsi)
Faculty – Shariff K. Mulla and Shabhareesh (IT for Change)

Day 1 – 29 July
Morning sessions
The workshop started with an introduction the input and output devices of the computer. The computers used where the ones available in the lab. Participants were introduced to different types of monitors, the keyboard, CPU connection and the mouse. They were shown how to connect/disconnect all peripherals safely.
During the second session, basic trouble shooting was introduced and solutions were given regarding keyboard/mouse/monitor/CPU problems, etc. Participants also had the opportunity to ask questions and resolve particular problems they faced.

Afternoon session
The first session of the afternoon introduced participants to the mechanisms of a desktop by seeing one disassembled. Even though they were first scared to disassemble and assemble the hardware parts, the exercise gave them confidence. The following session introduced participants to pen drives, cameras, connection and configuration of a printer, CD and DVD burning, and basic  copy/paste functions.

Day 2 – 30 July
Morning session
The second day started with the installation of Ubuntu, as well as of applications through the three possible methods (terminal, synaptic packages and Ubuntu software centre). Basic OpenOffice and GeoGebra tutorials were also shared and well received by the participants.

Afternoon session
Participants were introduced to Kannada set-up and typing, as well as to PDF, saving and printing functions. Fonts-related issues were discussed and solutions were given. The potential of blogs was demonstrated by writing blogs.

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  1. The workshop report
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