Wiki challenges

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Technology challenges

  1. Metadata on content
  2. Uploaded Unused files ?
  3. Rating of content

Status by Rakesh - this extension is still not completed for the users

Aesthetic challenges

  1. Table creation and looks
  2. Long pages
  3. Modularized presentation is clumsy
  4. Limited options for layout

Status by Rakesh - now it is easy to create table. after I updated wiki editor

Extension issues

  1. widget - photo slide show
  2. Freemind - syntax has changed to simpler
  3. Geogebra - Ubuntu java is not supporting
  4. Unwieldy syntax

User challenges

  1. Coherence of exploration
  2. Not possible to tag
  3. Not possible to search
  4. Not possible to create a user collection
  5. Not possible to rate