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Issues to close

  1. Visual editor latency - yogi please give tips to improve speed
  2. AND category query - semantic mediawiki (yogi internal workshop) - priority - high Done through Multi Category Search Page

May 2020

  1. Visual editor not working - ✔️Fixed
  2. Youtube embed is not working - ✔️Fixed
  3. GIF files embed not working, even we reduce the file size to KB
  4. Source editor - editing tool bar is not coming - ✔️Fixed

Features to explore and close

  1. font
  2. hot categories
  3. buttons for common syntax for embedding
  4. related pages and articles
  5. embedding single image
  6. wikimedia commons

Technology challenges

  1. Uploaded Unused files?
  2. Rating of content : Status by Rakesh - this extension is still not completed for the users
  3. Title not working

metadata in wiki

  1. tag each resource with multiple labels - class, language, type of file, File:School improvement in context - Alma Hariss.odt
    1. metadata as required by NROER, need to discuss how we will process it in TSROER

Aesthetic challenges

  1. Table creation and looks : Status by Rakesh - now it is easy to create table. after I updated wiki editor
  2. Long pages
  3. Modularized presentation is clumsy
  4. Limited options for layout

Extension issues

  1. widget - photo slide show
  2. Freemind - syntax has changed to simpler
  3. Geogebra - Ubuntu java is not supporting
  4. Unwieldy syntax

User challenges

  1. Coherence of exploration
  2. Not possible to tag - We have to Add Categories
  3. Not possible to search
  4. Not possible to create a user collection - You can create watchlist
  5. Not possible to rate - rating is working but its not recording in any where.

Production challenges

  1. Off-line output as PDF. we need it as ODT also (so we can make small changes, add credits etc)
  2. Off-line as wiki off-line. we need to be able to access all open content through this. how to do (large videos? non open content). basically to avoid the need for making another 'resource folder' and giving for use with text book. we need to be able to download the entire content on the off-line
  3. on-line as wiki. get reports / notifications by email of changes being made
    1. a user can create a watchlist of pages, any change here will be mailed to user (page trustee)
    2. if a resource group needs to see notifications, then create a dummy/alias id and any change in pages watch listed can send a mail to the mail group
    3. can the watchlist be on a category? or a user?
    4. recent changes - and this is not being notified. list of such edits including new pages should go to some id (orphan)
  4. implicit and explicit links - resolved (references at end for all implicit links)