Teachers Community of Learning Bangalore South Block 3 Maths Workshop 2 2018 19

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Objectives of the workshop

  1. To get familiarised and encouraged to use a community of learning - for sharing, asking and learning
  2. To strengthen, build capabilities in the in the use of digital tools and processes
  3. To create resources using Geogebra for specific topics and concepts in Geogebra - theorems, graphs (linear equations), circles, basics of trigonometry
  4. To understand development of lessons using Geogebra
  5. To understand the use of Geogebra in problem solving

Workshop resources

Mathematics resources

  1. NCERT Maths text books (offline copies available)
  2. Geogebra files for relevant topics
  3. Use of Geogebra in high schools - paper presentation at RIE Mysore

Digital literacy resources

  1. Basic Digital Literacy
  2. Learn Ubuntu
  3. Learn Firefox
  4. Learn Text Editing
  5. Introduction to internet and web
  6. What are professional learning communities
  7. Building a personal digital library
  8. Learn Gmail
  9. Learn Geogebra
  10. List of useful Mathematics websites