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==Session plan==
==Session plan==
|Activities and expected outcome
|November 8, 2016
|Session 1
#Sharing of school level work so far
#Girija and Rekha madam to share about work so far
#Sharing expectations from this workshop
|Session 2
#Using Geogebra for conceptual learning
##Files for lines and angles
##Introducing triangles
##Introducing polygons
##Triangle properties
#Combining Geogebra with other activities
#Creating lesson plans with Geogebra files
#Exploring Geogebra for building Geometry skills
|Conceptualizing foundational maths program for high school (class 8)
#Reading extracts from NCERT books for different math areas
#Identifying skills that have to be built in students of class 8
|November 9, 2016
|Session 1
#Demonstration of foundational sequence for arithmetic and algebra
#Demosntration of pretests, FA, SA papers
#Teachers to review and access the internet for suitable activities/ worksheets
#Shared understanding of mathematical competencies to be built and developing materials
|Session 2
#Further Geogebra explorations for Class 8 and 9 problems
#Identifying conceptual gaps and "teaching points"
#Creating lesson plans with Geogebra files

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  1. Sharing the details of work done in schools so far with Class 8 and 9
  2. Reviewing NCERT books and understanding the scope for developing bridge course materials
  3. Use of Geogebra in Class 8 and 9 for building conceptual learning
  4. Formative assessments using technology

Session plan

Workshop resources

A folder with geogebra files for high school, specially classes 8 and 9 topics, foundational mathematics learning, NCERT Maths text books relevant chapters.

Way forward

  1. Creating lesson plans / school level FA through communication with mails and whatsapp
  2. School level demo classes
    1. Domlur - all topics regular class
    2. Ejipura - all topics regular class
    3. 9th Block
    4. Wilson Garden - Quadratic Equations – Class 10 (Dec 3rd Week – Block period)
    5. Konappana Agrahara - Dec 1st week – Introduction to Graph - Class 9 – Saturday -Dec 3
    6. Tank Garden - Class 10 (Dec 2nd week) – Thursday Quadratic Equations – Class 10 (Dec 3rd Week – Block period)
  3. Geogebra festival - sharing geogebra files in the TCOL whatsapp Maths group and in STF mailing list