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Inclusive Education

Inclusive education is a system of education in which children with diverse needs and different abilities are enrolled in regular schools and are provided with equitable learning opportunities based on their specific needs. It is based on the premise that all school children in a given community should learn together regardless of their socio economic backgrounds, gender, impairments and different abilities. Inclusive education acknowledges that all children have the ability to learn, recognises that childrens’ learning abilities vary, provides space for learning and develops educational methods and teaching aids to meet the educational needs of all children. Schools recognize and take into account the diverse needs of children and barriers faced by their learners, adapt to different styles and rhythms of learning and provides quality education through the appropriate use of resources, entitlements, school organisation, study plans as well as partnership with the community. read more

A short note on the genesis of Inclusive Education in Karnataka


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Classroom Experiences

  1. Understanding Inclusive Practice in Schools- Examples of Schools from India
  2. The Resilience of Changes Promoting Inclusiveness Fisher et al

Teacher narratives

Children’s narratives

Community’s narratives

  1. Matter of Quality

Diverse groups



  1. ICT and children with special needs
  2. The Disability Integration Presumption Thirty Years Later
  3. Article on inclussive education for disabled


  1. Samajika nyaya Hortavoo
  2. What It Means To Be a Dalit or Tribal Child in Our Schools, A Synthesis of a Six-State Qualitative Study. Vimala Ramachandran, Taramani Naorem, Economic and Political Weekly, November 2, 2013, Vol xlviii, No 44




Gifted & Talented


Media articles

  1. For inclusive publishing - The Hindu
  2. Kerala SCERT prepares innovative textbooks for special children - The Hindu

Events and happenings

  • Focus Group Discussion - FGD organised by RVEC & Seva-in-Action for Special Educators & IERTs from Bangalore, Mysore, Mandya, Tumkur and Ramanagar districts to understand their perception of inclusion, the challenges they face and how they overcome them. Date:2nd July 2014; Venue: DIET, Bengaluru Urban, Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bengaluru-98


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Policy Documents

  1. CWSN Draft Policy 2013
  2. Karnataka ETE Curriculum Final
  3. UNESCO-TE Policy
  4. Note for ICT of IE

Curriculum Documents

For classroom transactions

Lesson plans


Assessment strategies

Materials for use in classroom

IE CR Resource booklets


  1. Big book
  2. Bingo
  3. Graphic Organizer
  4. Interactive word wall
  5. Jigsaw Puzzle
  6. Picture for word
  7. Puppet
  8. Puppet theatre
  9. Word slide
  1. 20 prashnegalu
  2. Akrama Sakrama
  3. Dodda Pustaka
  4. Beleyuva vakya
  5. Darada varnamale minchupatti
  6. Graphic Organizer
  7. Nanna anisike tharagathi calender
  8. Pada gode
  1. Clay
  2. Jigsaw puzzle
  3. Web of life game
  4. Map making
  5. Observation
  6. Riddles
  7. Talking tree
  1. Abacus
  2. Intoduction to fractions
  3. Multiplication beeds
  4. Number pattern
  5. Number flashcards

Classroom management strategies

Ideas for classroom activities

Subject specific inputs

Ideas for sports & cultural activities

Reading materials



Educational Psychology

  1. STs' attitudes and beliefs towards diversity

Capacity Building


Teacher Educators


Support Services

Person Speak

Discussion Forum