Integrating digital resources for teaching Maths and Science

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  • To help teachers explore various digital tools and resources for enhancing their TPCK
  • Help teachers understand the diversity of needs in their classroom and imagine possibilities of using ICT-based pedagogy in the mathematics and science classroom
  • To enable teachers to use multi-level, multi-modal resources and strategies
  • To build a community of learning for sustained and continuous teacher professional development through sharing experiences, ideas and best practices


Sl. No. Science Mathematics
1 Electricity Lines and angles
2 Balancing Chemical Equation Solids
3 Friction Fractions - Intro, Build a fraction, Fraction Matcher
4 Light Symmetry
5 Acid and Base(PH scale) Area and perimeter
6 Digestive system Algebraic expressions
7 Respiratory system Transeversal

Reference Websites :

  1. KOER pages
  2. Phet simulations
  3. Geogebra files
  4. Manipulatives - A Collection of Virtual Manipulatives.
  5. Robocompass
  6. Gcompris
  7. Geogebra files on selected topics
  8. Learn Geogebra
  9. Zygote Body 3D Anatomy Online Visualizer
  10. SIMPOP- Science Simulations and Games