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Resource center for storing and sharing

Drive is the online folder that holds the files and folders you create and shared from others. To access your files from different devices, sign in to your Google Account.

1. To open a Google Drive First login to your Gmail account then go too app option which is showing in the image. 500px

2. The google drive page will open and wiil look like this. 500px

Now its time to start uploading/creating our folders and files.


3.To Upload your local Folders

or Files, Click on “New” icon on left side of the screen.

[[Image:]]4.If you want to Create Folder, click on “Folder” --> Give folder name --> Click on “Create”.


5.To Upload a File: Click on File Upload -> select file ->click open.

[[Image:]]6.Sharring files:Select any file -> Click on Share link.


7. Here you can share your uploaded folder or files with others by using their g-mail ids.


8.Chose Access permission.

Examples :

  • If the person want edit your document, select “can edit” option.
  • If the person want only veiw then select “ only veiw” option.
  • Lastly, if the person do not want to edit, just want to give comments for you documnets, just select “can comment”.


9. Enter email Id of the person and click on share.

Here, you can find your shared documnet link.

This you can copy past in to your others documents.

Then click on “send”. The file will be shared and sent with the particular person.

[[Image:]]10.Recent: This shows the Recent files which you have opened and worked on that.


11.Starred: It is easy to access if we make it as Starred.


12. Trash: All deleted files will be stored hear untill we remove from Tras.

13. If you want acess shared document, which others shared with you just click on “shared with me” on the right side of the screen.

Note : Once your work is completed in the drive, don’t forget to logout from your account(same like gmil ID).