Gravitation Activity 6

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Activity No # 6 Understanding weight and mass

  • Estimated Time - 40 minutes
  • Materials/ Resources needed - Projector, computer
  • Prerequisites/Instructions, if any
  • Multimedia resources

  • Website interactives/ links/ simulations
  • Process (How to do the activity)
  1. After playing the video, discuss the following questions with the students
  • Developmental Questions (What discussion questions)
  1. What does mass represent?
  2. What is weight? (Effect of Earth's gravitational force on the mass)
  3. Is weight a force? How can you say?
  4. Why would the weight of a body vary in various parts of the Earth?
  5. The units may be a little confusing; and we can take up the discussion again
  • Evaluation (Questions for assessment of the child)
  • Question Corner