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|Creating and Learning,
|Creating and Learning,
OERs and Subject Resources
OERs and Subject Resources
|[https://teacher-network.in/OER/index.php/Introduction_to_OER Brief note on OER]
|Session 3
|Session 3

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  • Integrating Content, Pedagogy & Technology skills
  • Understanding the concept of OER and FOSS
  • Introduction to different technological tools for self learning, collaborative learning and resource creation
  • Creating Audio Video resources
  • Learning to prepare advanced presentations
  • Adopting e-testing tools


Sl.no Session detail Resource
Session 1 Recent Trends in EdTech and Impact on Education,

Overview of FOSS

Session 2 Creating and Learning,

OERs and Subject Resources

Brief note on OER
Session 3 Creating and Learning,

OERs and Subject Resources

Brief note on OER
Session 3 Concept Map – Creating Concept Map Freeplane
Session 4 Concept Map – Analytical Thinking Tool (Advanced) Freeplane
Session 5 Adopting e-Testing tools
Session 6 Creating Presentations – Advanced Features Libre Office Impress (Presentation Tool)
Session 7 Video Creation VokoscreenNG (Video creation Tool)
Valediction & Certificate Distribution


Technology resources

Reading resources

  1. Toolkit for creating and re-purposing OER using FOSS
  2. Why public software in education system
  3. Explore an application
  4. Spoken tutorials
    1. Firefox
    2. LibreOffice Impress
  5. FOSS applications to create OER resources

Other resources

  1. Useful websites
  2. Why public software
  3. Curricula for ICT in Education

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