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=Activity No # 3 - '''Electromagnetic Induction using Galvanometer'''=
==Estimated Time==
20 minutes
==Materials/ Resources needed==
#A strong bar magnet
#Copper coil with 500 turns
==Prerequisites/Instructions, if any==
==Multimedia resources==
==Website interactives/ links/ simulations==
==Process (How to do the activity)==
Show the connection of copper coil and galvanometer. Show the electromagnetic induction using galvanometer and copper coil. Observe the changes of galvanometer deflections. <br>
==Developmental Questions (What discussion questions)==
==Evaluation (Questions for assessment of the child)==
1.The device that detects the induced emf is called _________________                mark 1
2.Which the following emf is produced? Yes/no            <br>
a) Coil is steady, magnet is moved inside the coil _______________  <br>
b) Coil and magnet are moved away in opposite direction _______________  <br>
c) Magnet is steady, Coil is moved towards magnet ____________  <br>
d) Coil and magnet both are moved together __________________ mark 2  <br>
3.copper coil is connected to Galvanometer and a bar magnet. What are the changes in the following
* Magnet kept inside the coil ____________________________  <br>
* Magnet is pushed slowly ________________________________  <br>
* Magnet is pushed inside the coil very quickly _____________________ mark 2  <br>
==Question Corner==
'''To link back to the topic page'''
[[Electromagnetic_induction|'''Go Back''']] <br>

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