Electromagnetic induction

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  1. Tenth Standart Science Textbook

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Useful websites

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_induction
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwIdZjjd8fo

Reference Books

  1. Tenth Standard Ready Lesson CD from Education Department – Science Subject

Teaching Outlines

Concept #1 Electro magnetic Induction

Learning objectives

  1. Recall the the properties of magnets
  2. Relation between magnet and electricity
  3. How emf induced
  4. Emf depends upon the number of turns and speed of the magnet
  5. Michel faraday experiment

Notes for teachers


  1. Activity 1 - Give the magnets to students and check the properties of magnets. Ask the students properties of magnets. Ask magnetic lines of force using phet tool of magnets and electromagnet.
  2. Activity 2 - show the different copper coils and electromagnet experiment to students and ask is it possible get electricity from magnet
  3. Activity 3 - Show the electromagnetic induction using galvanometer and copper coil. Observe the changes of galvanometer deflections.
  4. Activity 4 - Show the short video of number of coils increasing emf is increasing.
  5. Activity 5 - Show the video of Michel Faraday experiment.

Assessment Activities for CCE

Formative Assesment Questions

1.If a magnetic needle put north and south pole, what is the polarity of the a b c and d in the figure. mark 2

  • Pole of a ________
  • pole of b _______
  • Pole of c _________
  • Pole of d _________

2.The device that detects the induced emf is called _________________ mark 1

3.Which the following emf is produced? Yes/no a) Coil is steady, magnet is moved inside the coil _______________
b) Coil and magnet are moved away in opposite direction _______________
c) Magnet is steady, Coil is moved towards magnet ____________
d) Coil and magnet both are moved together __________________ mark 2

4.copper coil is connected to Galvanometer and a bar magnet. What are the changes in the following

  • Magnet kept inside the coil ____________________________
  • Magnet is pushed slowly ________________________________
  • Magnet is pushed inside the coil very quickly _____________________ mark 2

5. Which the following coil is more emf produced when magnet movement inside the coil.? mark 1
6. A copper coil, a strong bar magnet and a led bulb are on the table. How do you on the led bulb? Mark 2

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Notes for teachers


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  1. Activity 1 -

Concept #4

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