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To receive and send emails to the STF groups, you need to 'add' the email id of the teacher to the googlegroups.

To do this, you need to be a "Manager' of the googlegroups.

Once you are made a 'Manager', you can add email ids to the STF Googlegroups as follows

  1. Login to your GMAIL account
  2. If you need to add members to,
    1. the HPS mathsscience STF Click Here
    2. the Maths/science stf Click Here
    3. the Kannada stf Click Here
    4. the Social science group Click Here
    5. the HINDI group Click Here
    6. the HTF groups Click Here
    7. the Teacher Educators Click Here
  3. click on 'directly add members' (see attached screen shot)
  4. copy paste or enter the email id of the new member in the box in the screen (see screen shot 2)
  5. Enter welcome message 'welcome to mathsscience forum. please email regularly'
  6. Select ALL MAIL in bottom of screen (see screen shot 3)
  7. click on ADD at the top of the screen (see screen shot 4)
  8. After adding the member, please add their information to the googledoc
  9. Upto 10 ids can be ADDED at one time.
  10. In case you need any help, please email