TIIE - Baseline Module 1

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This module primarily focuses on understanding students' contexts and learning needs, along with the school culture and classroom environment. The baseline is organized as a set of student activities, assessments and classroom observations to evaluate learning difficulties that children are facing and identify students showing signs of mild learning difficulties (MLD). These diagnostic assessments will subsequently aid the creation of structured intervention modules. They will be used to establish a baseline as well as to monitor student learning progress on a regular basis. The activities and assessments are based on foundational skills and competencies in maths and language, taking into account aspects that are commonly manifested in these areas by children with MLD. Throughout the program implementation, continuous assessments will be conducted to determine whether students' learning needs are being met and to identify areas where additional support is required. These assessments will also be documented in order to analyse student learning progress in difficult areas.


  1. To understand student learning needs in Mathematics, Kannada and English subject areas through an evaluation of their foundational knowledge and skills
  2. To identify the particular areas and the difficulties in learning that children are facing
  3. To identify students showing signs of MLD
  4. To assess students’ abilities in listening and reading comprehension, speaking, writing, computation, pattern recognition and understanding of basic geometric concepts


Baseline will be conducted through a set of activities where students spend time on activities working in pairs or individually and complete the given tasks. These tasks will be used as check points for teachers and facilitators to understand more about the levels of learning, cognitive skills and difficulties faced by students. Prior to conducting the baseline, ice-breaker activities have been planned to build rapport with students and get an understanding of the children and the school.


List not arranged in the exact sequence in which the activities will be conducted as some of them will be done in parallel by different facilitators or individually with some children as others are engaged in other activities.

Mathematics activities

Activities to assess Mathematics foundational knowledge

Language activities -

To assess the listening, speaking, reading and writing competencies we used the following activities,

Are you listening?

Pick and Speak

Language Reading

Writing Activity