TIIE-Questionnaire for collecting feedback

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Student interaction

Students’ feedback on the different inclusive strategies used in the classroom such as working in smaller groups, differentiated instruction, multiple modes of engagement, alternate models for understanding, etc. taken informally through one-on-one or small group interactions.

Questionnaire for children for collecting feedback

  1. Which of the Maths sessions was/ were your favourite? Why?

  2. Which of the Language sessions was/ were your favourite? Why?

  3. Did you learn something new in the sessions? What was it?

  4. Have you tried reading stories in other languages (in Language Lab)? Did you like the stories? Why/ Why not?

  5. What did/ do you like the most about our sessions? Why?

  6. What did/ do you not like about our sessions? Why?

Teachers feedback

Teachers’ perspectives on whether the sessions have contributed to any positive change in students captured through interviews with subsequent questionnaire.

Questionnaire for teachers for collecting feedback

Introduction of Teacher-Name, Class, Subject,

1. How is the children's participation in this year's classes?

2. Have children ever shared/ told you anything about our class/ activity?

3. Do you think our classes have any effect on children? Can you give an example?

4. What is your favourite aspect of our classes? Why

5. Are there any reasons why you are unable to attend our classes?

6. At your school, what changes can we make to improve our work? Would you like to give us some advice on that?

7. What are some challenges your school faces, which a program of our kind will not/did not address at all.

8. Would you like us to continue working in your school next year? Why?