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Teaching Outlines

understanding what is a Slope

Learning objectives

  1. Slope is measure of the steepness of a line.
  2. Students will understands that slope increases with the steepness.
  3. Students will recognize and make a connection between the magnitude of the slope and the steepness of a line.
  4. Students will understands that Slope is a number (magnitude).
  5. Students understands that Slope is the orientation or inclination of a line with the X-axis.
  6. Students should also be able to draw a line with a specific slope.

Notes for teachers

Slope is a number which represents the steepness of a line Students can relate the slope of line to the tangent of the angle of elevation.


  1. Activity No #1 understanding what is Slope of a line

Positive and Negetive Slope

Learning objectives

  1. Students should also be able to visualise a line with positive and negetive Slope
  2. Students should also be able to differentiate a line with positive and negetive Slope

Notes for teachers

If the change in Y with the value of X decreases corresponding line will have Negetive Slope If the change in Y with the value of X increases corresponding line will have Positive Slope


  1. Activity No 1Positive and negetive slope

Slopes of Parallel and perpendicular lines

  1. Activity1 Slope of parallel and perpendicular lines

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