Simple permanent tissues

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Activity No # 1 -Observation of simple permanent tissues

Estimated Time

30 minutes

Materials/ Resources needed

A piece of stem, blade, dissection needle, a microscope, glass slide, cover slip, glass dish, methylene blue, glycerine, blotting paper etc.

Prerequisites/Instructions, if any

Cut very thin sections of a soft stem and select a good section and observe it under microscope.Note the different types of cells you observe.

Multimedia resources

Website interactives/ links/ simulations

Process (How to do the activity)

  • Cut a soft piece of a plant stem(shrub) of 1 to 2 inches in length.
  • Take very thin sections(10 to 20) of the stem and place it in a glass dish with water.
  • Select a very fine section and place it on a glass slide.
  • Add 1 to 2 drops of methylene blue on the section and wash the extra stain with water.
  • Add 1 to 2 drops of glycerine and cover the section with a cover slip gently and remove the extra stain with a blotting paper.
  • Mount the slide on the microscope.

Developmental Questions (What discussion questions)

  1. How many types of cells do you observe?
  2. Do the different types of cells differ in their structure?
  3. Why do they differ in structure?
  4. How many types of simple permanent tissues can you observe?

Evaluation (Questions for assessment of the child)

  1. How can you differentiate parenchyma from collenchyma cells?
  2. How can you differentiate sclerenchyma from collenchyma cells?

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