Plantae multicellular algae activity1

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Activity No # 1 - Observing chloroplast in Spirogyra

Estimated Time

30 minutes

Materials/ Resources needed

  1. Specimen of Spirogyra
  2. Compound microscope
  3. Glass slide
  4. Cover slip

Prerequisites/Instructions, if any

  1. Specimen collection should be supervised by the teacher
  2. keep the specimen wet,keep it a container filled with water
  3. Students shoul be trained in using microscope

Multimedia resources

Website interactives/ links/ simulations


Process (How to do the activity)

Take the specimen of spirogyra on a glass slide, with the help of a needle randomly spread the filaments of spirogyra,add 2-3 drops of water,then gently slide down a glass cover slip on the glass slide with the help of a needle so that air bubbles should not enter.observe the slide under the microscope,look for band shaped chloroplast in spirogyra

Developmental Questions (What discussion questions)

Evaluation (Questions for assessment of the child)

Question Corner

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