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Activity - Opening a bank account under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)

Every student must have their bank account and it is very beneficial to open a bank account under the PMJDY. The teacher should help ALL students to open bank accounts under PMJDY. In case students cannot open this account, the teacher can help one adult in the family of each student to open an account, the benefits are as follows:

Benefits of opening a bank account under PMJDY

  1. Under the scheme, account holders will be provided zero-balance bank account with RuPay debit card, in addition to accidental insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh.
  2. Those who open accounts by January 26, 2015 over and above the Rs1 lakh accident, they will be given life insurance cover of Rs 30,000.
  3. The new opened account will be a zero balance account and thus the account holder will not be required to have a minimum balance in the account.
  4. Six months of opening of the bank account, holders can avail Rs 5,000 loan from the bank.
  5. With the introduction of new technology introduced by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), a person can transfer funds, check balance through a normal phone which was earlier limited only to smart phones so far. Mobile banking for the poor would be available through National Unified USSD Platform (NUUP) for which all banks and mobile companies have come together.
  6. Subsequently, these accounts will be also used for providing micro pensions, Kissan Vikas (Farmer development) credit card, direct benefits transfers (DBT), MGNREGA payments, Micro Insurance, Unorganised sector pension schemes like Swavlamban etc.
  7. All the 6 lakh villages are to be mapped according to the sub service area. Villages with over 2,000 population are to get full-fledged bank branches. Basic accounts services are available on simple phones.

Estimated Time

Three days, one day to collect the form, one day to fill the form and one to submit the form and open the account. The debit card and pass book can be collected subsequently.

Materials/ Resources needed

  1. Any Indian citizen is eligible to open a bank account which will be linked to his Aadhaar Unique Id. It is advisable to open only one account as opening multiple accounts is not possible and will be detected by the government.
  2. An address proof consisting of any document such as election voter id, valid driving license, passport, aadhaar id,nrega card can be submitted along with a passport office at the address of your nearest bank branch.
  3. Application forms cannot be submitted online and must be taken from your nearest bank branch office.
  4. A bank account can be opened without any supporting documents which can be provided within six months

Prerequisites/Instructions, if any

  1. Go to the bank branch nearest to the school / suitable bank branch that offers accounts under PMJDY.
  2. Collect account opening / application forms
  3. All students must fill the form and submit the same with the address proof.

Multimedia resources

Video of Prime Minister announcing the PMJDY

Relevant local connections - people, places and materials

In all, 600 programmes and 77,852 camps were organised on the first day for the opening of bank accounts. Was a camp organised near your school? Does the bank branch closest to your school support opening an account under this scheme?

Website interactives/ links

  1. Government of India website for the scheme
  4. Wikipedia page on scheme

news articles


  1. To open a bank account under PMJDY scheme first visit your nearest bank branch and inquire whether the bank is part of the PM Jan Dhan Yojana.
  2. If the bank is a part of PMJDY then ask for the Account Opening Form and fill in your details and submit it along with a color passport size photograph and your signature.
  3. See List of Banks and ID Proof required

What questions can you ask

  1. Why should you open a bank account
  2. Why does the bank need address proof to open the bank account
  3. Why does Government of India want you to open a bank account

Evaluation – (questions for assessment of the child)

see Questions above

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